the Film: Repo! the Genetic Opera

the Guest: Jon Bjorling


My guest, Jon, who is fast becoming a regular co-host type guest, seems to also enjoy flipping the script on me by seemingly CONSTANTLY suggesting titles that make me wince with – if not agony – petty annoyance. And there’s no better example than REPO! the Genetic Opera.

Anthony Stewart Heads are gonna ROLL!!!!


For those of you who haven’t known Jon for nigh on 20 years like me, here’s a teensy bit about this pal-o-mine: He’s a Goth-not-goth. That is to say, his musical tastes often go the way of the Goth, in almost every iteration of the subculture (though not exclusively – he likes most all genres of music, too). However, he doesn’t dress the part. He’s very unassuming, absolutely “normal,” for lack of a better descriptor. But, those closest to him (and now you) understand that this beloved friend of ours has a fashionably dark soul with strappy over-sized cargo pants, industrial goggles, and chunky boots with 1,000 buckles. And so, he suggested REPO! to me, just to hear what I have to say about it. But, also to torture me a little bit because, hardy har har, it’s hilarious.

The finest performances in the film belong to Bill Moseley and Ogre…pffft!


As for Repo!, a literal opera set in the not too distant future of 2056, I have many questions and comments. There’s more here to talk about than I expected, and Jon does his damnedest to get a word in edgewise to answer my queries. Bless him.

Repo! Stars Buffy‘s Anthony Stewart Head, Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega, Phantom of the Opera‘s Sarah Brightman, TCM2‘s Bill Moseley, Romeo + Juliet‘s Paul Sorvino, Skinny Puppy’s Ogre, “the Paris Hilton Sex Tape”‘s Paris Hilton and some guy named Terrance Zdunich (who also co-wrote this musical endeavor).

This is the guy who co-wrote Repo! ~Co-wrote Repo?~ Co-wrote Repo! This is the guy who co-wrote Repo! and dosey-doe your partner!


It’s a story of family betrayals, and THAT’S IT. But the backdrop is a world in which much of society had suffered from organ failures for no discernible reason. And so a company called GeneCo was formed to loan the suffering masses replacement organs – and even elective surgeries. Those who default on payments get butchered by THE REPO MAN!, i.e. whatever organ it is they rented, gets repossessed.

See? Ew.


But it’s the family drama that is the bulk of the story (sorry, just try to not stare at that guts gif. it’s kinda mesmerizing). What with the adult children of GeneCo’s CEO vying for the top position in the company after their patriarch finally kicks it, and the Repo Man himself being a very over-protective father. Repo! the Genetic Opera has been touted as an INSTANT CULT CLASSIC, to which I say, “if you say so,“.


Palate cleanser


Join Jon and I as we slog through this episode: Repo! The Genetic Opera


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