This episode threw me for a loop, rather. Jon Threw me for a loop.
You’ll hear how/why in this episode soon enough. But let me just say, Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters is the most Sam Raimi movie that isn’t directed or produced by Sam Raimi. This is a major sticking point with me on this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I do like this film.

It’s akin to Snakes On A Plane in that the title delivers on its promise. Here, Jeremy Renner plays Hansel and Gemma Arterton plays Gretel and they are mostly convincing as once traumatized siblings who now hunt…WITCHES! It’s an easy enough plot. But I tell you, there are rarely films like this that bring humor, action & weirdness together with such disregard to so-called logic that it amounts to an ultraviolent big screen cartoon, and I am all for that kinda thing when done well.

As usual, I suggest you hunt down a copy of the unrated version of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters so you can follow along with our episode here and hear exactly what Jon said that had me so taken aback.


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