Being that it’s the beginning of the year, I figured it’d be good to just unload on you, dear listeners, another SUPER GROSS movie. This episode’s guest, Tom Nix of the podcast “Wrestling is everything” has picked Peter Jackson’s directorial debut Bad Taste.

You may recall that we covered Peter Jackson’s 3rd film Dead Alive a while back. You may further recall that that film was quite disgusting, and that version (a composite of the film’s various versions) was overlong and suffered from having too much gore, too much dumb stuff. Is that also the case with his first film, Bad Taste? Probably.

Bad Taste has a thin premise: Aliens are on earth to abduct humans so they can eat them at their fast food restaurant in space, and the Astro Investigation and Defence Service are there to stop them. However low budget this film is, it’s got signs of a truly creative team behind the camera, not unlike the folks behind the Evil Dead films. If you’re into that kinda film, you’ll probably like this one.

Join Tom Nix and I as we discuss being a late bloomer cinephile, exploding sheep and Bad Taste