Join host Andrew as he tortures *ahem* engages guests by subjecting them to the weirdest, most mind-boggling films in existence (and sometimes he has the tables turned on him!). See what he has in store for his guinea pigs biweekly on What Did We Just Watch?!


the film: Sleepaway Camp


the guest: Rob Godinez (No Trauma)


The 70s ushered in the summer camp movie genre. But the 80s brought us the slasher genre, and by ’83 (even though others came before it) the two genres merged into possibly the weirdest entry in the teen slasher category: Sleepaway Camp! I showed this groundbreaking slasher to a house full of unsuspecting folks. Rob joins the conversation as representative of those unsuspecting viewers. The result was a perfect storm of head scratching entertainment!

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