Vincent Price’s Laugh is a podcast hosted by your favorite monster creeps, Elbee & Andrew! Join them for fun-filled analysis and discussion of not only Vincent Price movies, but a plethora of films in the realm of horror/scifi


Greetings, friends! As you know, we here at VPL have taken a short summer hiatus, but now we’re back with a film that…well, we criticize a lot. So, on this very special episode, Andrew is bowing out, but we’ve enlisted our pal Monica Torres to help us sort out our feelings. It’s a bit tricky, a bit hexing, or maybe even a bit vexing, but let us present to you our interpretation of 1996’s The Craft.

In this episode, we tackle the nostalgia surrounding the film, discussing how it made us feel as teenagers. We talk about girlish sleepovers, and pretending to be witches ourselves, and how we miss those kinds of bonding experiences. But, on the flipside, we talk about how this movie addresses a more regrettable way girls interact with each other – how friendship sometimes ends up being second chair to selfishness and cattiness.

So, go grab your familiars, and hunker down with your spellbooks, and click below to hear the episode! And as always, thanks for listening! If you would like to support us, please take a quick moment to like us on our social media sites (FacebookTwitter), and remember to rate and review us on iTunes. You can also become a patreon patron here, or buy some cool merch designed by our very own Andrew Gimetzco at places like these: RedBubbleSociety 6Tee PublicThreadless.


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