We’re back again today talking about a seemingly long forgotten era of television: the 1950s and ’60s TV western. Many of Clu Gulager’s fans may not realize he was technically a TV star back in those days, so we are very excited to introduce him in a light that some people may not even know existed.

Culturally, westerns were a big deal during this time period, and we hope to help you try to understand why. Westerns may also seem conceptually unimportant to us now, but we’re here to convince you that they are still worthwhile to look at, even through a modern lens. Additionally, we examine what it was like to be a TV actor in the 1960s, and how that may be different than today’s experiences.

On deck for this episode, we’ve got two westerns in which Clu starred: NBC’s The Tall Man and The Virginian. We take a close look at both, tell you how they came to be, and of course, review Clu’s performance in each (spoiler: we liked him).

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