Hello, and welcome to Get A Clu! During the course of this limited series show, Elbee and Mike will be leading you on a journey through the long and fascinating life and career of beloved cult actor Clu Gulager. Part biography series, part film and TV discussion, and part cultural analysis, we hope to bring you a show that will entertain as well as inform.

Episode 01 is a look into two films: 1987’s From a Whisper to a Scream and 1984’s The Initiation. We discuss horror anthologies and the slasher film as a genre, and provide some insight into how these movies were made. And we learn a little bit about Clu’s dive into indie filmmaking in the ’80s and ’90s!

In From a Whisper to a Scream, Clu plays Stanley, a blue collar worker who is forced into taking care of his shut-in sister. Clu has a crush on one of his colleagues, and when she agrees go out with him, something terrible happens. That’s probably all we can say in polite company. Tune into the show to find out why Clu’s segment is absolutely the best in this classic ’80s horror anthology “hosted” by Vincent Price!

Things don’t quite go so well for Clu or his love life in FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM


In The Initiation, Clu plays our protagonist’s father, a well-to-do shopping mall owner. The daughter is played by Daphne Zuniga (in an “introducing” role), and their relationship is one of the highlights of this sorority house slasher film. Mike’s specialty is slashers, so you really have to check out how much he loves this film.

Things, again, not going so well for Clu in THE INITIATION

Please enjoy the episode! Feel free to leave a comment here or send us an email at getaclupodcast@gmail.com with any questions. And follow us on Twitter! We love you! Let’s talk!!



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