Whatever happened to scary movies for kids?

In the early 1980s, Disney produced a string of both animated and live-action films that pushed the boundaries of the macabre in family entertainment. Movies like Return to OzThe Black CauldronThe Black Hole, and The Watcher in the Woods scared their young audiences alongside entertaining them, and we here at VPL like to not only reminisce about those types of kids’ films, but analyze what makes them so wonderful and important. So for this episode, we are turning to one of the most perfect Halloween movies ever made: 1983’s Something Wicked This Way Comes.

But not only is Something Wicked This Way Comes dark and disturbing, it also has a great deal of fantasy and awe – no doubt infused into the film from its source material. Renowned science fiction/horror novelist Ray Bradbury penned this tale, and his brand of timeless and universal storytelling is really what sets this movie apart from the pack. In the episode, we get into what certain themes and elements make this story so compelling, like the eternal warning, “Be careful what you wish for.”

So, this Halloween, join us as we head over to the original “dark carnival” with Mr. Bradbury and this under-seen, yet very influential film. And as always, thanks for listening! If you would like to support us, please take a quick moment to like us on our social media sites (FacebookTwitter), and remember to rate and review us on iTunes. You can also become a patreon patron here, or buy some cool merch designed by our very own Andrew Gimetzco at places like these: RedBubbleSociety 6Tee PublicThreadless.


  1. So while running though the keyboard with my fingers, I stumbled over a headstone…in a graveyard online and when I picked myself up, your podcast came into view and pulled me into its Something Wicked This Way Comes episode. So lured into the past, I have to say, it was what I wished for! Elbee and Andrew, I enjoyed your personal takes, insights, information and radio rapport as you reminisced about SWTWC.

    Why should I click my thumb and seek out SWTWC today? Well, I am sitting on a panel today to discuss my participation and experiences while filming my scene in the movie before it is screened at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

    Looking for more material to aid in my knowledge of the movie and posts on social media, I found a link to your podcast via an image in the Google gallery that was plucked from the player.fm page and then I did some more digging and found OME, your host page. I enjoyed listening to your entire podcast!

    My name is Scott De Roy and my role in the movie can be found on IMDB:

    I was cast to appear on the sinister carousel as the key image to show the transition when mini-Cooger changes to the biggi-Cooger. Since then, it seems when public radio stations, Cons (Such as SDCC or Long Beach Comic Con) have a panel on Ray Bradbury or SWTWC, they ask me to participate. Partly because of my role in the movie, in addition to my having worked as a kid at Disney Studios in the mail room (Robert J. Schiffer, head of Creative Makeup for the movie insisted I get the role) and my relationship with Ray Bradbury that continued after I left Disney until his passing. I was also featured as voice talent and as myself in a documentary about Ray Bradbury called, Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey (2013).

    Take care,
    Scott De Roy

    • HOLY GOSH! this is the kind of feedback we enjoy! Lately, we get a lot of Russian spam. no joke! so we hardly check our comments, but something like this is a real Gem! thanks for listening and enjoying. I assume you met Bradbury when you were on set? I can’t imagine what that was like. I have a signed copy of Fahrenheit 451. again, thanks for listening and for the kind words!

  2. My bad…in the carousel scene, I meant to say when Mr. Cooger changes to himself as a child. Also, NPR did’nt have a panel, they had me read excerpts from SWTWC on the radio – can’t remember if it was during Halloween or one of the movies anniversaries. However reading from the book for Ray Bradbury shortly before he left earth and traveled into the universe, was a moment I will never forget. Thanks. Scott De Roy.


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