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In 1997 Alien Resurrection was released to the resounding sound of crickets. Admittedly, this was an era when hard R rated sci-fi was on the outs and PG-13 summer tentpole features were dominating the box office (and have continued to do so to this day). Long after the wake of the poorly received Alien 3, this fourth feature seemed to barely pique the interest of movie goers, save the most loyal to the genre (at the time, that was me. I saw this movie 3 times in the theatre).  It was possibly too-little-too-late, or just too strange in concept for the masses to bother with.


Here, I invite Rob Godinez of the bands No Trauma & Blocked Numbers to discuss Alien: Resurrection.You’ll hear, in this pilot episode, about the weird and unique final entry into the classic sci-fi series. Is it a great installment or one sequel too many?alien_resurrection_20


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