Our very first episode was a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and now, for this December episode of 2018, we visit the film Jeunet directed with Marc Caro just prior to his entry of the Alien franchise, this film is The City of Lost Children.

Featuring the talents of Ron Perlman & Dominique Pinon, among a bevy of Jeunet regulars, The City of Lost Children tells the tale of a Mad Scientist (a reoccurring theme here, it seems, at WDWJW) and his inability to dream, and a bunch of clones, a couple of failed experiments along with a ‘kids in peril’ plot wherein a sideshow strongman must team up with some street urchins to rescue his little brother from a sinister cult of one-eyed men called “Cyclops” who kidnap kids for the mad scientist to experiment on! WHEW. All in one breath!

The film is set in what seems to be the late 1920s in some port city in France, maybe? (It’s a French film, but there is a decent English dub available if you don’t like to read your movies.) And it has a science fiction feel and a semi-steampunk aesthetic. It’s very visually interesting, which is just how I like.

Jon joins me for this Christmas-not-Christmas film, and we discuss just exactly how it ISN’T but IS a Christmas movie. That’s why we chose it for the final episode of 2018! If you haven’t seen The City of Lost Children, we’ve provided you the means right here, so please, watch, enjoy and then listen to this episode!