Why It’s OK To ‘Mute’ Trump

Recently I made the epic decision to “Stop the Scrolling!” like I’m some kind of modern day Susan Powter. For a while, I deactivated...


There are tons of recipes out there for sweet and spicy chicken, all derivative of Asian fare, with their use of some type of...




Riff Raff vs. James Franco

There is currently a war between James Franco and Houston slapstick rapper Riff Raff, also known as Jody Highroller. Riff Raff claims that James...



Art for Alts

Amber Zuniga goes by the name of 4rt f4rt and despite being a mere 18 years of age, is already making waves in our...

Inside the head of Travis Trapp

Travis Trapp, born and raised in the Valley, is one of three artists being featured at this year's Galax Z Fair. He studied art...

Supporters of #RGV4BLM Come Together For A Cause

On the evening of Saturday, July 16, approximately 200 Valley residents joined forces in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, marching to protest the...

RGV Female Artists take FLIGHT at The Sound Factory

Feminism is a concept that evokes many different reactions.  It seems everyone has an opinion about the study of, and ongoing plight for, equality...

A Case Study: McAllen Metro Website Design

The city of McAllen, Texas is moving on up. Named one of the fastest growing cities in United States, McAllen has been upgrading many...

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Young Einstein hit the American market in August 1989. After a successful release in Australia, Warner Brothers were banking on a summer sleeper at the very least, and a blockbuster at most. It received neither. The movie was just too weird for US audiences, while also not being weird enough. It's a family film, but also a subversive satire. To a 15-year old who had, a year prior, discovered Monty Python's Flying Circus, Young Einstein was a godsend: it was tame enough to not bother the conservative parents, but biting and weird enough to stimulate this growing boy's mind. In this episode, we find Andrew (the aforementioned growing boy) and Travis Trapp (his first viewing of the film) discussing the film and its merits. Does it hold up? Or is nostalgia a damned liar?

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